Puresmokeonline.com Website Review & Ratings + PureSmoke Coupons
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Puresmokeonline.com Website Review & Ratings + PureSmoke Coupons

PureSmoke: Products & Services

PureSmoke sells electronic cigarettes. PureSmoke sells two product lines of electronic cigarettes; the two product lines are not compatible.

Puresmoke sells:

The Old PureSmoke:

The PureSmoke Cartomizers:

PureSmoke: Company Background

PureSmoke was started in January 2009. The PureSmoke head office is located in San Jose, California, USA.

PureSmoke contact information:

PO Box 611870, San Jose, CA 

95161-1870, United States

Phone: (877) 880-7873

Fax: (877) 795-5522

PureSmoke: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are very limited customer reviews online for PureSmoke. Overall, the customer reviews that there are for PureSmoke are mostly positive. One customer mentioned that they were not 100% happy with the battery life or flavour, but still enjoyed smoking them. Another customer review said that overall they thought they were a good deal.

Some customer reviews were:

The PureSmoke was the first introduction I had (6 days ago) to e-cigs. I've smoked for 35 years! I thought it sucked, until your vid. Flavor is not good, I hope they fix that, battery life sucks as well. But using it, it's an absolute joy! 

When I Bought puresmokeonline.com I didn't know what to expect because the sales page seemed to good to be true. But for the most part it is a really good product. The sales page sort of over promotes it but puresmokeonline.com is a good investment if you decide to purchase.

PureSmoke: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

PureSmoke is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau; however they do have a BBB rating of "A-". Over the last three years,  there has been two complaints filed against PureSmoke with the Better Business Bureau; both the complaints have been closed to the Better Business Bureau’s satisfaction.

PureSmoke: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

PureSmoke is not a very popular website: 

  • PureSmoke has a worldwide Alexa traffic rating of 2,144,357 out of 30 million websites.
  • PureSmoke has a Google pagerank of two out of ten.
  • PureSmoke has a Quantcast rank of 507,785

PureSmoke: Social Media Presence

PureSmoke is not very socially active. PureSmoke can be followed on Facebook; they have 376 friends on Facebook. PureSmoke updates their Facebook page very irregularly. PureSmoke is not on Twitter, they do not offer an email mailing list and their blog does not function properly. 

PureSmoke: Website Security & Safety

The PureSmoke site is secured by VeriSign Secure. McAfee site advisor states that the PureSmoke site is safe and confirms that they tested the PureSmoke site and did not find any significant problems. Google Safe Browsing lists the site as "not suspicious" and states that they have not visited the PureSmoke site is the last ninety days. 

PureSmoke: Pricing & Packages

PureSmoke offers lower than average prices on their e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. In a price comparison of three products that PureSmoke and their leading competitors sells, PureSmoke was cheapest on all three items.

e-cigarette Starter Kit:

  • PureSmoke: $39,99
  • Leading competitor: $59,99

USB wall charger:

  • PureSmoke: $9,99
  • Leading competitor: $14.99

Disposable e-cigarette:

  • PureSmoke: $9,99
  • Leading competitor: $12.50
PureSmoke: Shipping Rates & Policies

PureSmoke shipping rates and policies:

  • PureSmoke only ships within the United States
  • PureSmoke offers five shipping choices: Express mail, Priority mail, Fedex 2-day, Fedex ground and flat rate
  • Flat rate shipping costs $5.99
  • Fedex ground costs $9.89
  • Fedex 2-day costs $25.37
  • Priority mail costs $6.30
  • Express mail costs $28.00
PureSmoke: Payment Methods Accepted

PureSmoke accepts most major credit cards; they accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card. PureSmoke does not offer PayPal, Google Checkout or Amazon Payments. In addition, PureSmoke also does not accept money orders, wire transfers, cash or any types of checks. 

PureSmoke: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

PureSmoke return and refund policy:

  • PureSmoke offers a 90 day limited electronic device warranty.
  • Customers should contact PureSmoke's customer service if there is a problem with their electronic cigarette.
  • When returning a product, customers should include a copy of their receipt or proof of purchase.
PureSmoke: Product images & screenshots
PureSmoke Coupons
Best Available PureSmoke Coupon:
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